Guinness Pitch for Creative Comeback

Creative and Art direction

As part of the Creative Comeback training programme we were put into teams of 3 to crack a Diageo brief. Ours was for Guinness. Our task was how to reconnect customers with Guinness in pubs.

Over an intense 3 day workshop we narrowed down our ideas and came up with a stategy of “A new conversation with
an old friend”, looking at how to get people to reconnect with their friends in a more meaningful way over a Guinness.

Using the pint tops as quotation marks we joined the universal symbol of conversation (quotation marks) with the iconic image of the Guinness pint. We then took snippets of intriguing conversations that would tease people to want to know more and placed them in ad spaces, beer mats, posters etc. 


We then used longer conversational copy and set it into the iconic shap of the pint glass for posters where people had time to read them e.g. bus stops, tube stations. At the point of purchase we came up with the idea of engraving limited edition pint glasses with the different depths of conversations as the pint is drunk, revealing more meaningful conversation the further the Guinesss is drunk. We also presented the idea of a podcast series, recording charismatic celebrities chatting to their friends in the pub, over a pint of Guiness. In support of the Guinness strap line of Made of More we would call the campaign Conversations Made of More.




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