Nimble Tots CD

Illustration, Design for Nimble Tots

I was asked to illustrate and design the CD and artwork for an album by Nimble Tots, a musical story telling organisation. The brief was to produce a light hearted sketchy type drawing of the lead singer and the characters from her story songs. I took some of the main characters from the songs and joined them as band members with the musician and singer Becky. 


Nimble Tots Paper Puppets

Illustration for Nimble Tots

Nimble Tots were asked to produce a story telling pack for a children's school in Mexico. The storys had a variety of characters to make puppets from. The puppets were a simple cut outs that children could make independantly and then decorate and colour in. Each character was created with a choice of a simple or more complicated version of joins to make the puppet move.   


Below is the print out of one of the story characters, Boris the Bird. It includes instructions for how to make a simple or more complicated paper puppet.


All of the puppet characters below:




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