Open London Campaign

An illustration, branding and design project for a UK government and Mayor of London initiative. 
The project was created to discover where the disparity in London is and how to level up in these areas. The campaign also invited small and medium sized enterprises to enter innovative ideas for levelling up London in areas such as transport, housing, energy, health and social care.

My brief was to represented the city, different housing, diverse residents and modes of transport. The assets were used across social media, email communication and the website. I created the logo and branding and the illustrations for the campaign. Considerations were to represent London and the diversity of the residents. Other considerations where for the imagery to sit along side the branding of different partners/stakeholders.


Above: The main visual for the launch of the campaign. 
Below: Online posts on social media 


Below: Online posts on social media for the different challenge areas 


Below: Icon/pictograms for the project timeline visual


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